Best Business Franchises to Own

Founded by a computer engineer with Silicon Valley chops and a passion for finding the best technological solution for every customer, TechVoo offers a wide range of computer and electronic products and services – for both retail and commercial customers – all under one roof and can buy and own the best franchises.

Why wouldn’t you want to buy a business that offers you a wide range of revenue opportunities?

Bill Gates’ vision of a computer on every desk and in every home is a reality today. There isn’t much consumers do today that doesn’t involve the use of computers or information technology and own the best franchises. Consumers are only expected to increase their use of technology, both personal and professional, in the years to come. TechVoo provides in-store services to meet the growing demand of smartphone, computer repair and software upgrades with the option of buying or own the best franchises.

Thousands of customers shop at TechVoo and we’re only just beginning to grow with Our Business Franchises

TechVoo is officially launching its Business Franchises opportunity in Illinois and plans to rapidly expand across the Midwest. We’re looking for franchisee owners that want to buy a business or own the best franchises in a fast growing market and make money.

Helping You Achieve Business Success With Franchises

Each Business Franchise is provided with:

  • Specialized training for each owner
  • A custom work order system to run your business
  • Corporate website listing
  • Bulk purchasing power for parts and supplies
  • Access to local technicians with decades of expertise
  • Strong brand identity for instant recognition
  • Sales and marketing assistance

Best of all, no industry experience or computer licensing/certifications is required to become a franchisee owner.

Why do we think we are the best franchise to own? You will receive on-going support, including business coaching and technology consulting, from day one. We will provide comprehensive training on how to use our custom work order system, teach you how to hire highly-trained technician experts and gain new customers using web optimization.

We believe that the best franchises succeed because of the guidance, backing and leadership owners are provided. Apply to be a franchisee owner now.

Become part of the TechVoo family!

Our customers expect and deserve only the highest level of service and expertise. Our business model isn’t built around fast turnarounds and low prices. We provide our customers with assistance in virus removal, data recovery, selling replacement computers and beyond. Are you ready to meet the needs of a fast growing software and hardware market?

FACT: “Employment of computer support specialists in computer systems design and related services is projected to grow 43 percent from 2010 to 2020” – Bureau of Labor Statistics

You don’t need to be a technological wizard to become a franchisee owner, but you do need to be dedicated to catering to the software and hardware needs of our customers. The TechVoo philosophy is that given the choice to excel among speed, cost and quality – quality wins. Every time.

Think You’re Cut Out For Owning A TechVoo Store?

  • You do whatever you can to stand behind your work.
  • You demonstrate expertise. Always.
  • You are constantly looking to improve the lives of your customers.

Techvoo provides customers with locally based, technology-driven services conveniently located in their hometown. We have had over 2,000 customers walk through our doors because we are known for delivering on our commitment to give our clients ‘peace of mind’ when it comes to solving their computer problems. If you’re interested in being a leader in the information technology service industry, apply today to join the TechVoo team.

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